Are you ‘culture compliant’?

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Here’s a quick quiz to jolly up your Easter.

1. Lucy Noble, artistic director of the Royal Albert Hall, thinks ‘white male titans’ such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are putting the young off classical music. Is she:
a) Quite right! My kids would be gagging to go to the Royal Albert Hall if only its programmes included more black female/transgender composers they’d never heard of.

b) Strangling yet another great institution. Audiences are drawn by artistic excellence, not diversity box-ticking.

2. Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service says: ‘There is a historical need to diversify our workforce. The number of women operational staff has been under 5 per cent and black and ethnic minority people are under-represented in all parts of the service. The proportion of staff who identify as gay is also negligible.’ Is your response:

a) Any organisation that serves the community must represent that community on proportionate gender/race/sexuality lines.

b) I don’t care who drags me out of a burning building so long as he’s strong, fit and brave.

If your answers are both As, many congrats! You are fully culture-compliant.

If your answers are both Bs — basically you’re stuffed. But it might help you to understand what’s going on if you read Ben Cobley’s The Tribe.

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