One Year on – Britain’s Worst Terror Atrocity Has Been Airbrushed from History

MANCHESTER attack / British UK Armed Terror police
Christopher Furlong/Getty
Today marks the first anniversary of the worst atrocity committed on British soil in living memory: the murder of 22 innocents, most of them young girls, and the wounding or maiming of dozens more by a Muslim suicide bomber at a pop concert in Manchester.

I call it the ‘worst’ atrocity because though there have been many incidents that claimed more lives – everything from Nazi V2 rocket attacks to IRA bombings – none was deliberately aimed at slaughtering little girls when they were having fun.

When Salman Abedi blew himself up at the Manchester Arena, he knew was going to hit Western Civilisation at its most tender and vulnerable spot: that’s why he chose a concert by Ariana Grande rather than, say, another comeback tour by the Rolling Stones or the Grateful Dead.

Those girls – the youngest victim, Saffie Rose Roussos, was aged just eight – died for the crime of being carefree young females in a culture which chooses not to hide its womenfolk behind veils or hack off bits of their genitalia at puberty so that they are less likely to enjoy sexual pleasure when they reach adulthood.

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