Finally, the Brexit Phoney War Is over; Britain’s Trump-Style Revolution Has Begun

Matt Cardy/Getty

This is it — the moment we’ve been waiting for. The moment when the Brexit rebellion finally began.
“Enough of this pissing about. Enough lawyerly excuses and Civil Service prevarication and Remainer politician manoeuvrings. We voted Brexit. Now give us Brexit. Give us Brexit, strong and hard, Boris!”.

That, in a nutshell, is what the people of Britain have been saying this week. Except that the way they have expressed it is in the context of another issue entirely. Instead of talking about Brexit, everyone has been preoccupied with two other “b” words — Boris and the burqa.

But make no mistake, it is Brexit that is the underlying reason as to why Boris Johnson v the Burqa has been dominating the British media’s news agenda with such extraordinary persistence all week.

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‘Pound Shop Trump’ Boris Johnson Mocks the Burqa. Canny Move!

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Boris Johnson has been mocked as a “pound-shop Donald Trump” because he has been rude about the burqa.

But I think virtue-signalling race-baiters like the egregious Lammy — and professional offence-takers like whichever SJW handles the Sky Twitter account — are in an increasing minority, don’t you?

Boris, undoubtedly, was taking a calculated risk when he wrote these words in his latest column:

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