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October 15, 2010


Of the many pseudoscientific institutions responsible for pushing the pseudoscientific fraud of Man Made Global Warming in recent years, few have been quite so assiduous in promulgating the great lie as our own Royal Society. (H/T John O’Sullivan at Suite 101)

“Pseudoscientific” may seem a bit of a harsh charge to lay at the door of the reverend body founded in 1660 whose alumni include such distinguished figures as Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Hans Sloane, Sir Joseph Banks and leading palaeopiezometrist Bob Ward. The problem is, in the latter part of the last century and the first bit of this one, it managed to urinate three centuries’ worth of credibility and rigour up against the wall by deciding to abandon all objectivity and act as cheerleader for the Man Made Global Warming lobby.

The three men largely to blame for this were its fanatically warmist presidents Lord Rees and Lord May, together with the even more dismal Sir John Houghton, who was partly responsible for perhaps the most embarrassing document in the institution’s history: the one called Facts And Fictions About Climate Change.

This 2005 propaganda exercise rode a coach and horses through the Royal Society’s traditions of non-partisanship. As Nigel Calder has pointed out, for two centuries the following advertisement was printed in its house journal Philosophical Transactions:

… it is an established rule of the Society, to which they will always
adhere, never to give their opinion, as a Body, upon any subject,
either of Nature or Art, that comes before them.

But perhaps more importantly it was hopelessly inaccurate, which is why, following a rebellion by some of its members, the Royal Society last month issued a revised guide to Climate Change.

However, this one is apparently wrong too. According to German chemist Dr Klaus Kaiser, the new document grossly exaggerates the amount of time the deadly, devil gas they call CARBON DIOXIDE (mwa ha ha ha!) spends in the atmosphere.

Here’s what the Royal Society claims:

“Current understanding indicates that even if there was a complete cessation of emissions of CO2 today from human activity, it would take several millennia for CO2 concentrations to return to preindustrial concentrations”

But Dr Kaiser says this is rubbish, for reasons he explains at length in Canada Free Press.

It is also obvious then that the statement by the Royal Society that it would take “millennia” for atmospheric CO2 to return to levels at preindustrial times upon a (theoretical) complete and sudden cessation of all manmade CO2 release to the atmosphere cannot be true. If the CO2 were to stay in the atmosphere for millennia, why has its level in the atmosphere not doubled in the last 15 years, or gone up tenfold-plus over the last 100 hundred years? Furthermore, there are several peer-reviewed papers reporting the half life of CO2 in the atmosphere to be between 5 and 10 years. A half life of 5 years means that more than 98% of a substance will disappear in a time span of 30 years.

He has the support of Swedish maths professor Claes Johnson, who has written scathingly before of what he calls the “Royal Society in Free Fall”.

This is not science which has been shown to be correct, but populistic science selling “truths” which serve a certain political agenda.

The Royal Society’s next president will be the Nobel Prize-winning geneticist Sir Paul Nurse. He has got his work cut out, I’d say.

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2 thoughts on “Royal Society: doh!”

  1. Ian says:16th October 2010 at 10:58 amJames Old Boy, I think the greatest pseudoscientific scandal of recent history isn’t the great global warming scam, but the holocaust. The cost to us all in general, and to many countries and corporations and banks in particular, ever since has been in the trillions. The global warming scam will run it a close second though.
  2. JazzRoc says:22nd October 2010 at 4:52 pmThe most telling argument for global warming is EVIDENCE like the following:
    This is something you may try for yourself.
    You’ll see the immediate and measure-for-measure warming taking place in the bottle containing MORE carbon dioxide. This is a reaction which takes place across the Universe: shine EM radiation through carbon dioxide gas, and it will ABSORB it and RE-EMIT it.
    It may be argued that producing more CO2 will increase its natural absorption (it does) but that doesn’t mean that the heating effect is REDUCED; only that the rate of heating is reduced.
    So we are uncovering fossil carbon and burning it, increasing its proportion of the atmosphere day-by-day, having TRIPLED it in historical times.
    When you remove natural cycles from the Earth’s temperature history, lo-and-behold, you get an exact MATCH in the last three centuries to Man’s fossil fuel use and the proportion of atmospheric carbon dioxide: the “hockeystick”.
    Now it seems to me that THAT is EVIDENCE of ANTHROPOGENIC GLOBAL WARMING, and no amount of arguing (the power of big bucks, the “corruption” of scientists, etc., etc.) makes the slightest difference to the TRUTH: the Earth is getting hotter because we are burning fossil fuels.
    Faced with the SURE knowledge that there are SERIOUS TIPPING POINTS like POLAR ALBEDO and temperature-released methane from the tundras and ocean clathrates, the posture AGAINST man-made global warming seems downright irresponsible to me.
    What’s the motivation behind the denial of this evidence? What can POSSIBLY make one take a stand AGAINST reason and logic?