200 Australian Professors Reject Western Civilisation

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES - APRIL 06: Students walk around Sydney University on April 6, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham confirming the Government plans to cut university funding in addition to implementing the university deregulation plan which was put forward in the 2014 budget. (Photo by …
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Two hundred professors at the University of Sydney, Australia, have signed an open letter urging the rejection of a proposed course on ‘Western Civilisation’. They claim the subject is ‘chauvinistic’, a ‘tool of European supremacism’ and that it would ‘lend credibility’ to ‘sexist, racist and Islamophobic politics’.
Salvatore Babones, one of the Sydney University academics opposing the anti-Western-Civilisation campaign, writes:

When the Australian healthcare entrepreneur Paul Ramsay passed away in 2014, he dedicated a portion of his estate to helping students “explore how our civilisation had grappled with life’s biggest issues and history’s greatest challenges”. Thus was born the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. And thus was born a great education debate. The Ramsay Centre has been trying all year to get one of Australia’s premier universities to offer a bespoke degree in Western Civilisation. The idea is to offer generous scholarships to attract some of Australia’s most talented students to read the classics of Western civilisation in small seminars of six to eight students. What’s not to like?

Plenty, if you ask the professors at the University of Sydney. Two hundred of them have signed an open letter calling the proposed program “chauvinistic” and a tool of “European supremacism”. A smaller group went even further, warning in promotional material for a public protest meeting that a deal with the Ramsay Centre would “lend credibility” to “sexist, racist and Islamophobic politics”.

The Ramsay Centre is now the biggest hot potato in Australian higher education. Earlier this year, the ANU pulled the plug on Ramsay Centre negotiations in order to “protect its academic freedom”, in the words of vice chancellor Brian Schmidt. The ANU’s chancellor Gareth Evans went even further, warning other universities to check “the teeth of this particular gift horse”. It’s never been so hard to give money away. The VC doth protest too much?

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