Herod Orders Top UN Scientists to Investigate Mysterious Infant Slaughter in Judaea

What marvellous news to learn that the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon is to launch a thorough investigation into the science behind climate change! It’s the equivalent of Kenneth Lay promising to organise a full and frank investigation into the accounts at Enron, or Herod ordering an urgent inquiry into the appalling and mysterious slaughter of infants in Judaea: all it will do is end up confirming the prejudices of the person who commissioned the report.

And as Ban Ki Moon himself says, keeping a studiedly neutral position on the issue:

“I have seen no credible evidence that challenges the main conclusions of that [Fourth IPCC Assessment] report. The threat posed by climate change is real.”

Make no mistake, we are accelerating at breakneck speed towards hell. There are now so many political entities dedicated to creating a regulatory system predicated on the existence on AGW – besides the UN these include the European Union, the Obama administration, the EPA, the terrifying Carbon Disclosure Project, the Labour government and the forthcoming Heath administration – that none of them is remotely interested in hearing any answers they don’t want to know. It will be like another of those EU referenda where the only acceptable answer is “Yes”, even when the people keep saying “No.”

As ever, Richard North has been unearthing some choice examples of the vast sums of taxpayers’ money which is about to be squandered in the name of ManBearPig and end up lining the pockets of a few canny businessmen, and of the mad schemes being dreamt up to “combat” AGW.

Here’s one that will involve the British taxpayer spending the equivalent of four aircraft carriers a year, every year, forever.

And here’s a possibly even crazier scheme to harness the flatulence of Welsh cows.

I said before the battle ahead of us was tough. It just got a whole lot tougher.

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