#FakeNews Guardian Issues Fatwa on Climate ‘Deniers’

One of some of 30,000 people demonstrates on December 12, 2009 in the center of Copenhagen to turn up the heat on world leaders debating global warming at the UN climate conference. Some 300 youths shrouded in black threw bricks and smashed windows during the demonstration, prompting swift arrests as …

Climate change ‘deniers’ should no longer have a voice in public debate because basically they are the same as flat-earthers and people who don’t believe that smoking causes cancer.

Or so declares a group of semi-famous green writers, politicians, and scientists in an open letter to The Guardian.

The letter begins:

“We are no longer willing to lend our credibility to debates over whether or not climate change is real.”

This is unintentionally funny: none of the signatories of the letter actually has any credibility.

They used to be quite well known once.

The Honourable Sir Jonathan Porritt Bt, for example, used to advise the Prince of Wales on sustainability issues before selling his soul to work for the palm oil industry.

Caroline Lucas was and is Britain’s only Green MP, though people are now starting to weary of her strident watermelon posturings.

George Monbiot used to be the Guardian‘s environmental disaster guru till everyone realised that, as with Chicken Licken and the BBC’s Roger Harrabin, his doomy prognostications have to be taken with a pinch of salt the size of Lake Assal.

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