France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Issue Trump-Style Manifesto

A man with a sign reading 'Macron resign' waves a French flag as 'yellow vests' (Gilets jaunes) protestors gather to protest against rising oil prices and living costs at the highway's toll of La Barque, on December 9, 2018, near Marseille, southern France. - Calls mounted on December 9 for …

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France’s Gilets Jaunes protestors have jumped on the Trump train with a manifesto that could almost have been written by the Donald himself.
The good news is that it contains an awful lot of sense – including demands for lower taxes, reduced migration and Frexit (French exit) from the European Union.

The bad news is that it hasn’t a prayer of coming to fruition because its demands are unrealistic, contradictory and will certainly be stymied by the sclerotic, anti-democratic, rampantly statist French political system – and also by the French people themselves.

Though the original, ostensible purpose of the Gilets Jaunes demonstrations was to protest against President Macron’s carbon tax policies, what’s clear from this manifesto is that their demands are now much broader.

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