Climategate: The Conservative backlash begins

Conservative leader David Cameron has issued a statement reiterating his party’s commitment to “tackling carbon emissions” to deal with the “real danger of climate change” and describing the Copenhagen summit as of “historic importance.”

(Hat Tip: my splendid new friend Plato Says)

And the party faithful don’t like Cameron’s Copenhagen Kool-Aid Consumption one tiny bit.

Here’s what Cameron has to say on the Tory party’s Blue Blog:

In nine days time, representatives from 192 countries will meet in Copenhagen for the UN Conference on climate change. This summit is of historic importance. It is an opportunity for the world to take bold action to deal with the real danger of climate change.

So this week, ahead of the summit, members of my Shadow Cabinet have given a series of speeches setting out plans to help protect the global environment. Each one of these speeches sets out specific steps which need to be taken if we are going to reduce our carbon emissions.

And here are some of the 200 plus, almost unanimously negative comments from disgusted (and soon-to-be-former-) Tory voters so far:

Please do not support the global warming quacks in my name. They are a bunch of frauds and thieves.

When are you going to accept that Climate Change is not man made? All the unmassaged facts indicate this.
You and all the other “green brigade” go swaning off to these conferences spreading an enormous carbon footprint for what? You should not rely on my vote in the coming election unless you are honest.

How intelligent men can really believe all this drivel beats me..By the way are we or the EU responsible for capping all the VOLCANOES scattered around the world???? Get a life people.

When will the Conservative Party comment on what is now called ‘ClimateGate’ ? The science behind this whole issue is looking more and more like a massive scam!

How big is the entourage that is going with David and I bet the carbon footprint made on this one trip is more than I make in twenty years.? Why dont they just phone each other or use a network….is it because they enjoy the pomp and ego boost? What a waste of money, david you should be ashamed!

not interested in green stuff more interested in getting rid of all the rules and regs labour brought in licences fines house . sort that and you may get votes otherwise forget it

Dear Mr Blair (sorry, Cameron)
Why don’t you listen to the actual SCIENTISTS? And not the scaremongerors? Anyone who has even a vague knowledge of science will understand that, in medieval times, the world was a lot hotter than it is now: granted, colder winters, but they had much hotter summers. This is part of the earth’s cycle: read a bit more, think, and don’t believe everyone – take a balanced view. Global warming/cooling is part of the earth’s physicality. Let us not forget that man, as we know him, on a 24-hour clock appeared about 2 minutes before midnight! The earth’s warming/cooling has been going on long before we were around.

Britain’s been sold to the Belgiums and we are supposed to be worried about climate change? We want our own elected government to govern our country

I also am a scientist and agree with the views expressed above that climate change linked to man made CO2 is at best “not proven” and at worst is a fable of equal staus to the Emperor’s New Clothes. David could provide real leadership by not supporting the green inquisition and becoming the man that led us out of this nonsense. The climate change lobby is attractive because it appeals to a concept of original sin (man polluting the planet an bringing about his own downfall) and fear of dependence on oil (which will one day, but not soon, run ou)t. The long term answer to go with sensible energy strategy is of course fewer people. We should be aiming to get the UK population back to 50 million in the next 30 years and maybe less after that.
Conservatives should not fall for the man induced climate change confidence trick. Most oif its remedies are against conservative instincts (more taxes, state interference etc.

As a lowly ex meteorologist I have in my retirement looked at global temperatures:-
Easy enough to do. Doesn’t require much effort at all and I notice It’s been gettting colder for the past decade.
The terminology has changed too – from ‘Man made global warming’ to ‘global warming’ and now ‘climate change’ Whereas I thought that I was the only one (not in receipt of a large research grant) who thought that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes I now suspect that he is now putting on his underwear.

That’s the bad news, Dave. But the good news is you have the support of one Ross J Warren who argues:

Perhaps we might consider making climate change denial a criminal matter

Mm. He sounds just the kind of sensible, reasonable fellow you want onside.

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7 Responses to “Climategate: the Conservative backlash begins”

  1. Chris says:November 29, 2009 at 11:42 amI never thought the phrase ‘political science’ would be stood on its head as abruptly as it has here. This recipe is 99 parts politics to one part science. And, to those who love the term, we have ‘consensus’ on that.
  2. Burke Hamblin says:November 29, 2009 at 9:25 pmMr. Delingpole, thank you for your tenaciousness in covering this issue; it’s all but an informational wasteland here in the States, save for those who’re tweeting and e-mailing others about “Climategate.” Our “climate czar” Carole Browner has today rejected any implications of the scandal by repeating the rote consensus line, but I and others I know are forwarding links to your blog, Twitter account and articles to everyone we know, regardless of their political leaning. Carry on!
  3. Hugh Janus says:November 29, 2009 at 11:51 pmJames you are up against one massive machine which really does want to silence you and others who share the same view. Unfortunately this is skynew’s weathergirls take on the subject. Read and weep and consider jumping off Earth because life is going to get a whole lot worse. Link below.

  4. Nick Mabbs says:November 30, 2009 at 4:35 pmJames,

    It looks like Dave, Gordon and all the other lefties are going to ignore the e-mails, and the computer code recently ‘liberated’ from the CRU.
    Lord Monckton seems to be lining up a legal challenge if his interviews on the interweb are anything to go by. He wants Gore downwards to go to jail and for the disbandment of the the IPCC and the UN on ‘crimes against humanity’ grounds.

    Unfortunately he also advocated a new worldwide political party (the Freedom Party).
    Readers may remember the name being associated with the ‘National Front’ before it became
    the BNP – it is particularly disturbing therefore that Nick Griffin is going to bring up Climategate at

    Someone stop him before the whole Climategate business gets kicked into the long grass
    as being the rantings of a loony; rather than the world changing subject it is !

    Right now we need James Bond not Daffy Duck.

  5. Steve says:November 30, 2009 at 4:41 pmI am not a scientist, and I know very little about the science required to understand the debate. Therefore I read articles on what could be the most significant issue of our age so as to be informed by others who know what their talking about.

    One thing for certain is that the overwhelming scientific consensus is that AGW is real. That does not make it so, only that they believe it to be.

    The problem I have with the argument against AGW is that I’m expected to believe that some vast conspiracy exists amongst scientists. In all honesty it sounds as ridiculous as “9/11 was an inside job”. And far more worrying.

    I have read quite a few of your articles on the subject and the only thing I can determine is that you truly despise those who would believe in AGW. the insults you have levelled at those you disagree with are of the Daily Mail variety, or Fox News opinion pieces. I assume that in the majority of your articles you are doing no more than preaching to the quire, filling them with vitriolic terminology to level at those they disagree with. So it is sad to say that another “opinion” on the debate is rendered useless to me.

    And that is the main problem, I am no firm believer in man made climate change although from my own experience it is plausible that our climate is indeed changing. That I cannot find decent sceptical argument without insult is worrying.

  6. Fiona says:December 1, 2009 at 10:27 pmThere is hope. In Australia, we have booted out a “warmist” from the leadership of the Opposition and put a realist in charge. You need to pressure your party from the grassroots like we did. Email them, phone them, tell them you’ll never vote for them again.
  7. PaulM says:December 1, 2009 at 10:48 pmDecember 1st 2009 will go down in the history of the Australian Parliment as the day the conservative side of politics rediscovered its’ spine. On this day a Leadership Spill was called of the Opposition.

    Running were, Malcolm Turnbull, the current Leader of the Opposition, Joe Hockey, the “Unity” candidate (a believer in AGW and the favoured pick of the media & the ALP) and Tony Abbot, Prime Minister Howards head kicker and whilst a believer in Climate Change, a skeptic to the level & importance of mankinds contribution.

    The distress, the outrage, the hand wring, hair pulling & banshee screams that have followed the elevation of the “Mad Monk” Tony Abbot to the Leadership of the Lib/Nat coalition was most edifying to behold.

    Today 2-Dec-2009 will be a great day in Australia as we see the opposition vote down for the second time, Prime Minister Rudds Emissions Trading Scheme (or Extra Tax System/Employment Termination Scheme) in the Australian Senate. All this was achieved by the great work of Andrew Bolt (columnist for the Herald Sun in Melbourne), Piers Ackerman (columnist for The Sydney Daily Telegraph), Alan Jones (Radio commentator for 2UE Sydney), the great folks from WhatsUpWithThat and the thousands of everyday Australians who informed their elected representatives of their concerns & their WILL.

    Democracy does occasionaly work, but it takes the actions of the electorate to make it happen.

    Stand up & say NO. NO to the International Carbon Futures Cabal headed by Al Gore and the likes of HSBC, ABN AMRO & Goldman Sachs. NO to COP15. NO to the unelected & unrepresentative swill of the UN.