After Disastrous Bird Shooting Ban, Eco Loon Packham Is the Countryside’s Number One Pest

IVER HEATH, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 12: Chris Packham attends the National Lottery Awards at Pinewood Studios on September 12, 2014 in Iver Heath, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)
John Phillips/Getty

Disgruntled country dwellers have upset BBC eco-loon Chris Packham by tying some dead birds to his gate. I feel their pain. If I were a dead rook, I too would feel mortified at the horror of having my feathery corpse put anywhere near the premises of this sinister, starry-eyed, bunny-hugging misanthrope who has about as much understanding of rural affairs as Theresa May does of Brexit.

It’s not hard to see why Packham is so unpopular. He may live in the country but his sensibilities are those of the kind of townie who thinks that milk comes ready-skimmed in bottles from factories. He doesn’t give a damn about rural communities or the traditions that bind them or the relationship country folk have forged with their natural environment over many centuries. That’s why he’s just ridden roughshod over one of their most important freedoms: the ability to shoot avian pests — such as pigeons, rooks, and magpies — on their own land.

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Don’t Blame Trump for the California Wildfires – Blame Environmentalists!

Firefighters monitor the Blue Cut Fire as flames scorch a hillside near Wrightwood, California, August 17, 2016. / AFP / Robyn BECK (Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

All the usual leftist suspects – CNNWaPoSen. Kamala Harris,Governor Moonbeam – are trying to blame “climate change” and even Donald Trump for the wildfires ravaging California.

But guess who is really to blame…

That’s right: the usual leftist suspects.

Specifically the culprits are all those environmental campaigners, eco lobbyists, green NGOs, lawyers and politicians responsible turning California and the Pacific Northwest into a gigantic fire hazard.

Forests need management to stay healthy: they need thinning to promote strong, disease-free growth; they need accumulated dry brush to be cleared to avoid the risk of wildfires; they need firebreaks to stop fires getting out of control; they need managed burns in order to stave off the savage incendiary fury of the kind of wildfires that burn so hot they turn the entire area into a barren wasteland.

Not so long ago, this vital work was carried out by the forestry industry – at little or no cost to the taxpayer.

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