‘Pimples Are In!’ Guardian Alleges Existence of ‘Acne Positivity’ Movement

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The Guardian has a new, made-up virtual-signalling trend to tell us about.

Thank goodness nobody actual reads the Guardian any more because otherwise, I imagine, quite a few people would have been put off their hemp-milk porridge breakfasts.

According to the article, spots are suddenly cool, with everyone from Justin Bieber and Lorde to top fashion models celebrating them:

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UK Energy Regulator Caught Covering Up Green Scandals

ABINGDON, ENGLAND - JULY 29: A workman cleans panels at Landmead solar farm on July 29, 2015 near Abingdon, England. The 46 megawatt capacity installation was the largest in the United Kingdom when it was completed in 2014. Operated by BELECTRIC UK it supplies around 45 million kWh (kilowatt hours) …
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Ofgem — the UK government regulator responsible for energy — has been caught covering up two major scandals in the ‘low carbon’ energy industry.

The cost of these scandals — involving smart meters and the renewable heat incentive (RHI) — may run into the tens of billions of pounds.

But rather than protect the consumer, which is supposedly its job, Ofgem has taken the side of the vested interests profiting from these industries. It has done this by using draconian gagging orders to silence two whistleblowers who had wanted to expose the scandals.

Ironically, the story was broken in The Guardian — a newspaper which has long been committed to supporting the corruption- and incompetence-riddled green industry that the whistleblowers were hoping to expose.

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