Michael Mann Crowdfunds Worst Children’s Book Ever


Michael Mann is writing a children’s book about climate change.
Don’t all rush to donate at once – you might break the internet – but he wants you to pay for it through crowdfunding.

The book is called The Tantrum That Saved The World.

Michael Mann knows all about tantrums. Probably his biggest was the one that led him to sue Mark Steyn for having had the temerity to suggest that his now-infamous Hockey Stick was fraudulent. The case has been grinding on for six years now: as Steyn says “the process is the punishment”. Also, the alarmists funding it really can’t afford for it ever to be resolved because the disclosure requirements may open a can of worms so huge that the $1.5 trillion a year climate industry may never recover.

His other big toys-out-of-the-pram moment was when he sued Canadian climatologist Tim Ball who had jested that Mann “should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.”

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Kickstarter, FrackNation and Proof That There IS a God!

Ghastly bien-pensant twerps take note

OK, so you’re a BBC/Channel 4/CNBC commissioning editor. Or you’re maybe in charge of the selection panel for the Sundance Film Festival. Or you’re a feature writer for the New York Times and you’re wondering which pieces of gag-making worthiness to big up next. Which of these projects are you going to choose:

1. The one about the alleged victim of a racist miscarriage of justice.

2. The Occupy-style critique of Western Industrial civilisation.

3. The movie singing the praises of evil capitalist devil fuel, shale gas.

Well, obviously, it’s a no brainer. The first two get funding and attention and the third one gets ignored completely. It’s the way of the world. That’s how the liberal MSM exerts its grip on the culture – and has done since at least the days of Gramsci.

But, wait, what’s this? Could it possibly be that there is a God after all? Well it seems there might be. Just compare and contrast the various degrees of independent funding enthusiasm for these three Kickstarter projects.

Here’s 1. A mooted documentary about a victim of alleged racism, Troy Davis.

At 11:08 P.M. on September 21, 2001, the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis for the 1989 shooting death of Officer Mark MacPhail. With him died another piece of the American justice system.

Despite a lack of physical evidence linking Davis to the case, the recanted testimony of 7 or the 9 eye witnesses, three stays of execution, and an international campaign backed by thousands of people, the execution went ahead. But why?

Here’s 2: It’s a Canadian project called Sapience, and to give you a taste what it’s about here’s the blurb:

Driven by a lust for infinite economic growth on a planet of finite resources, our way of life is coursing toward catastrophe. But the danger is largely masked. In a highly mediated world where swelling numbers of people spend more time in front of screens than they do with other people, or in nature, our reckless pursuit of wealth has had disastrous consequences for the future of humanity.

Potent voices from all corners of the globe increasingly warn that even if you are lucky enough to find short-term shelter amidst our sundered society on an increasingly exhausted, discordant planet, you will not easily survive amidst social collapse, mass extinctions and human suffering.

(Hark? What sound is that I hear? A BBC commissioning editor turning Japanese I really think so in orgasmic excitement at the sublime worthiness of this production)

And here’s 3. FrackNation – Phelim McAleer’s and Ann McElhinney’s heartwarming tribute to the world’s most sinister fossil fuel sssssshale gassssss.

Yep. There IS a God.

The only one of these projects which got funding was FrackNation. Already it has raised over $186,000 from 2759 backers: pretty impressive on a website normally associated with liberal causes rather than free market ones. It would have got even more but – in order to prevent any Monbiot types shrieking the usual stuff about it being “funded by Big Oil/Big Carbon/Big Evil Capitalism/Big Koch” the producers decided not to accept any of the money they’d been offered by people from within the shale industry. There’s still time to become one of the film’s financiers – like I am: having donated a princely $20 – because the funding round doesn’t close till Friday. And let me tell you, it will be one of the most satisfying $20 you’ve ever spent. Here you are, a free individual, giving money to the kind of film projects YOU want made, rather than the kind some ghastly bien-pensant twerp of a commissioning editor thinks you ought to watch so as to show solidarity with the world’s oppressed.

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