Farewell, Knights of Delingpole – and Thank You, Trolls

The dark forces of statism

Scare quotes? He has to be talking about “scientists”…

A few years ago a friend who wishes to remain nameless suggested that it was about time I started writing a blog.

“Why would I want to do that?” I said.

“Because it’s the future and you’d be good at it,” he said.

So I gave it a go and I’ve been here ever since. But not for any longer I’m afraid. Today is the sad day when I must bid you all farewell. I have been appointed Chief Sustainability Consultant at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, working directly to one of my all-time-heroes Ed Davey, with a juicy, taxpayer-funded salary, a ring-fenced pension and a bio-fuel-powered Aston-Martin just like the Prince of Wales’s.

No, not really, about the second bit. Just the first bit: I’m off to pastures new.

What am I going to miss most? Well, you lot, obviously. Especially the ones who call yourselves the Knights of Delingpole. But even also, up to a point, my menagerie of house trolls.

Yes, I know trolls can be pretty annoying sometimes – incredibly stupid and wrong, too, it goes without saying. Without them, though, I’m not sure the comments section – which, after all, is far more important than any of the rubbish I write on top – would have been nearly so lively, inspirational, or indeed long.

It’s a bit like the wind farm appeal hearing I attended today. (Couldn’t write a farewell blog without shoehorning in wind turbines, could I?). When I stood up to give my speech what really fired me up wasn’t the righteousness of my cause. Rather, it was pure bloody irritation at the various forms of slimesome lowlife I’d just heard on the other side of the room trying to justify why it makes perfect sense to despoil one of the loveliest corners of rural England with a noisy, ugly, taxpayer-subsidised, bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifix.

So, thank you, sort of, trolls.

Thanks, of course, to the Telegraph for the privilege of having been part of such a first-rate blogs team.

And thank you most of all to those of you who have supported me through thick and thin. Thanks for your technical expertise and advice (it prevented anyone ever noticing that I’m an English graduate and know NOTHING about science apart from, maybe, how to grow copper sulphate crystals); thanks for your jokes, links and irrelevant asides; thanks for your friendship and loyalty and courage in the face of sometimes, near insuperable odds, against the dark forces of statism, political correctness, and green-left-liberal lunacy. You are like brothers to me: all of you; apart from the ones who are more like sisters.

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