Pure, undiluted genius: Succession reviewed

How could TV about boardroom skullduggery possible be quite this involving and exciting?

I have never ever watched a TV series I have enjoyed more than Succession (Now TV). There’s stuff I’d put in the same league, maybe — FaudaBabylon BerlinBand of BrothersUtopiaGomorrahBreaking BadThe Sopranos, and so on — but absolutely nothing beats it. It is, quite simply, a work of pure, undiluted genius.

Which wasn’t what I expected when my friend Toby recommended it to me a few weeks ago. ‘It’s about this media dynasty, a bit like the Murdochs. And the kids spend their whole time scheming and competing as to which one is eventually going to take over the company from the bullying patriarch Logan Roy,’ he said. This all sounded a bit grown-up, earnest and worthy to me.

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