Loony Greens Demand Meat Tax

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas poses for a photograph with a green question mark outside the entrance to Downing Street in central London on May 30, 2017, during a general election campaign event to highlight the lack of debate by other political parties on environmental issues, as campaigning continues in …

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Loony Greens, led by their only MP Caroline Lucas, are campaigning to impose a meat tax on the UK. Because climate change — or some such nonsense.

Lucas, a sort of demonic pixie-creature spawned by Mother Gaia with the sole purpose of enabling the rich bunny-huggers and tofu-munchers in her expensive but super-woke Brighton constituency to parade their green virtue and annoy the rest of the country, also thinks that bacon and sausages are destroying lives and killing the National Health Service and that only higher taxes can save us.

As she argues in the leftist New Statesman:

“Experts […] found the price of bacon and sausages would have to increase by 80 per cent to cover their cost to our NHS and save nearly 6,000 lives a year.”

She was also given space to speak at a farming conference, of all places.

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