It would be weird if Gove hadn’t taken drugs

Cocaine is an abominable drug, by far the most hateful of all the various uppers and downers and psychoactives because it turns you into such a complete moron.

The problem with coke, as my friend, the drug historian Mike Jay, once explained to me, is that nature never intended us to use it the way we do. In its raw, coca leaf form, it’s a handy and pleasant stimulant, just what you need to keep you going on a long trek over the Andes. But in its refined form it’s just nasty, not least because it plays a cruel, built-in trick on you. You take cocaine to get high — and sure it helps, up to a point. What it really stimulates, though, aren’t the pleasure receptors but the impulsive part of your brain that makes you want more and more of something.

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Gove’s Greenery – Yet Another Reason Not to Vote Conservative

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Terrorism pays; ignorance pays; crony capitalism pays.

These are the depressing lessons from today’s parliamentary shenanigans in which the Conservative government and the Labour opposition have been competing as to which can commit Britain to the most fanatically wrong-headed and economically suicidal climate change policy.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn ought to have been the hands-down winner with his motion — justified by no real-world evidence whatsoever — that Britain is experiencing a national climate emergency which can only be solved by reducing its CO2 emissions to “net zero” by 2050 — or earlier…

But Corbyn is a Marxist loon with limited intelligence and economic insights that make Hugo Chavez look like Milton Friedman — so we expect that sort of nonsense from him.

When you hear it from a senior member of government renowned for his intellect and acumen, on the other hand, it gets much more worrying.

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Michael Gove Has Sold Out Britain to the Green Blob

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 22: Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove arrives for the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by British Prime Minister David Cameron at Number 10 Downing Street on March 22, 2016 in London, England. Today is the first cabinet meeting since Iain Duncan Smith was replaced by …
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Michael Gove is dead to me. As a friend I will always love and cherish him. But as a politician, he has lost every last scintilla of my respect.

Yes, he was a brave and committed Education Secretary; yes, he is probably the most literate, charming, polite, well-read, thoughtful, and eloquent senior members of Theresa May’s generally rubbish Government; but in his current role as Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) his performance has been utterly shaming. And cowardly. And dangerous.

Of all the forces seeking to undermine Britain right now — its economic growth, its liberties, its intellectual and moral probity, its traditions of responsible limited government, its conservative values — the Green Blob is one of the deadliest.

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No luxury has ever disappointed me as much as my wood-burning stove

When I first heard rumours that Michael Gove was planning to go round the country with his environmental Gestapo, ripping out our wood-burning stoves in order to heal the planet, greenwash conservatism and reduce an imaginary 36,000 deaths a year, I must admit that a small part of me felt ever so slightly relieved. Of all the desirable accessories that I’ve coveted in my life, I don’t think any has quite disappointed me as much as the wood-burning stove now staring at me accusingly as I sit at my desk.

It looks very handsome and room-furnishing, as cast-iron stoves do. And when it gets going, it really does pump out lots of heat. But there’s a reason, you eventually realise, why western civilisation graduated from such 18th-century technology to central heating. One is easy and convenient; the other, a massive pain in the arse.

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Yes, Gove, Corbyn Is Bad – But Betraying Brexit Is Worse

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Last night in Parliament, Environment Secretary Michael Gove made a barnstormer of a speech.

(Don’t worry, Gove-haters. I’ll make my critical point in a minute…)

Whatever you think of Gove — and I know a lot of you here present don’t think very much of him — it was a fine piece of impassioned rhetoric from a master debater, worthy of commemoration. You can read the full transcript here.

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Life is about so much more than Theresa May’s crappy Brexit deal

Best friends: Michael & Sarah Gove (Photo: Getty)
It’s that time of year again when I put aside my wonted snark and share with you a few of my brown-paper–packages-tied-up-with-string moments so as to gladden the heart and remind ourselves that life is about more, oh so much more, than Theresa May’s crappy Brexit deal…

Best friends: Michael and Sarah Gove. Many harsh words have been said about Michael and Sarah — many of them, at least in Michael’s case, by me. But the point about good friends — even when they betray every-thing you hold dear and sell your country down the river like some back-stabbing traitor — is that you love them, warts and all, and stick by them. Sarah is the most brilliant and generous host in Christendom. The Gove, despite having a quite important day job, is always there for me at a moment’s notice when, say, I’ve got a speech to give at the Durham Union and I need it dictated to me on the train up, pronto. Gove is a mensch.

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Green Gove Loses the Plot Completely

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 15: Michael Gove, the former Education Secretary, arrives in Downing Street on July 15, 2014 in London, England. British Prime Minister David Cameron is conducting a reshuffle of his Cabinet team with a greater number of women expected to be appointed to senior positions. (Photo by …
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Audio version.

Michael Gove has made a tit of himself yet again. Not Brexit, this time, but an excruciatingly stupid speech in his role as Secretary of State for the Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.

It’s the kind of alarmist green guff you might have expected from a second-rater like Ed Davey or Ed Miliband. Definitely not from somebody known as one of the best read, most intellectually curious and diligent members of Theresa May’s Cabinet. (Not that this is an exactly crowded field now that most of the talent has left to campaign against her rubbish Brexit plan.)

The speech begins promisingly enough:

Everything we do at Defra has to be rooted in science. Whether it is reflecting on the future of food, farming or the marine environment, considering what our approach should be to the chemicals we use in agriculture, revising how we should manage our water resources, reviewing how we enhance biodiversity, assessing where the greatest productivity gains from new technologies might accrue or in a countless number of other different areas, policy must be shaped above all by evidence, reason and rigour.

But then Gove goes on to demonstrate a complete disregard for the “evidence, reason, and rigour” he claims to hold in such high esteem.

Paul Homewood has taken him apart completely.

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Finally, a UK Conservative Minister Declares War on Crony Capitalism

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UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has declared war on crony capitalism.

He won’t get any credit for this – not while we are (quite justifiably) hating on his dog’s vomit-pool of a government for its despicable failure in implementing Brexit. But he should because what he’s saying is important.

Here is what he told the Policy Exchange think tank:

Economic power has been concentrated in the hands of a few and crony capitalists have rigged the system in their favour and against the rest of us.

Over recent decades, debt has fuelled growth in an unsustainable fashion – indeed growth has been built not just on irresponsible levels of borrowing but an unsustainable approach towards natural resources.

‘Our politics, culture and regulatory models have worked against innovation, indeed have been pushed in that direction by powerful incumbents.

‘Many of our fellow citizens, especially those without the qualifications and connections to work the existing system, have seen less and less value placed on their work and themselves.’

This is revolutionary stuff.

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Theresa May’s New Cabinet: Brexit Is on!

As an ardent Brexiteer, certainly, I feel a lot more optimistic about the future than I did two days when I penned this gloomy piece for the Spectator. (Gosh, I sounded so angry and bitter I could almost have been a Remainiac…)

Yes, of course, Amber Rudd is going to make a ghastly Home Secretary. Heaven knows, she was already promoted far beyond her talents as head of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Plus, she actually believes all the greenie crap. Plus, she came across quite appallingly during the EU Referendum campaign: strident, vindictive, easily bought, self-serving and a bit thick.

But the thing you need to remember about the position of Home Secretary is that it’s a poisoned chalice. So much can go wrong for you – and almost certainly will for her. So it won’t be too long before Rudd’s fox is shot, I’m guessing.

On the bright side, meanwhile, we’ve got a healthy quota of Brexiteers in the positions that could really make a difference:

David Davis: Secretary for exiting the European Union. Sound!

Liam Fox: International Trade. Sound!

Boris Johnson. Foreign Secretary. Well whether he’s sound or not is anyone’s guess – I personally believe he’ll be great – but if nothing else you’ve got to admit, his appointment is truly a piece of top trolling by Britain’s new Prime Minister, suggesting that she might even have a hidden sense of humour.

Already, I’m enjoying greatly the wailing and gnashing of teeth it has caused among the wankerati…

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Why I’m Backing Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

More people – 17,410,742 – voted Leave last Thursday than have voted for anything else in Britain, ever.

No party or leader or cause has ever been so popular: not Winston Churchill, not Tony Blair, not Clement Atlee not Margaret Thatcher.

So how, you might wonder, is the British political establishment responding to this never-clearer signal from the people about what it is they really want?

Why, of course, by trying to put every possible object in their way to stop them.


Worst of the bunch, in my book, are all those Conservative MPs who are agitating to replace David Cameron when he goes with a Remain candidate such as Teresa May, in preference to the clear winner of the referendum Boris Johnson (who is supported by Michael Gove).

How does that work then?

Half of these MPs – Business Secretary Sajid Javid, Home Secretary Theresa May among them – were natural Eurosceptics who only opted to support Remain for tactical reasons: because they thought, with the Prime Minister and Chancellor onside, it was going to win and that it would be better for their career prospects when it did.

Surely, the only right and proper thing for them to do now is to acknowledge their error, support the popular will and put their weight behind the two Conservatives who did most to make Brexit possible: Team Boris and Gove?

Some people, I know, are still stupid enough to buy into the BBC/Guardian/Labour/Cameroon spin that Boris Johnson is a joke candidate who cannot be trusted near the nuclear button.

I remember hearing similar things about a presidential candidate called Ronald Reagan.

The “Boris is a clown” trope is just dark arts propaganda and sour grapes.

Boris Johnson’s team won this referendum fair and square. The people very clearly voted for Britain to Leave the European Union and that is what they must get.

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