Climate Change Is Real Because Moose Ticks, Obama Warns Canada

AP Photo/Dan Joling

President Obama has been in Calgary, Canada, warning his audience of the perils of man-made climate change.
Apparently, it is even affecting their national mammal.

The Hill reports:

“All of us are going to have to recognize that there are trade-offs involved with how we live, how our economy is structured, and the world that we’re going to be passing on to our kids and grandkids. Nobody is exempt from that conversation,” Obama said.
He also noted that rising oceans risk coastal populations and environmental changes have boosted the frequency of insect-borne diseases.
“Moose right now [have] to deal with tick-borne diseases that they didn’t have to do 10, 15 years ago. I really like moose. I assume, Canadians, you do too,” Obama said. “These are just facts.”

Just facts. Really?

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