Former Green Beret’s Post Blasting Leftists for Politicizing Niger Goes Viral

The Associated Press

Special Forces veteran Dr. Mike Simpson isn’t impressed by the way the Niger incident is being exploited by liberals like Congresswoman Frederica Wilson as a cheap way of attacking Donald Trump.

Simpson’s thoughts on Niger are attracting a lot of attention on Twitter. Here’s what this ex-Green Beret has to say about his fallen comrades:

I am going to speak for all veterans for just a moment.
1) We didn’t enlist because we were poor, stupid, or lacked opportunities. You like to think that, because it makes you feel superior, but that’s not the case. We enlisted because we have a love of country and a willingness to sacrifice.

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Study: Global Warming Will Kill Your Sex Life

The study – called Maybe Next Month? Temperature Shocks, Climate Change, and Dynamic Adjustments in Birth Rates – examined how birth rates change over time in the US, depending on the weather.

What it found is that on days where the temperature exceeded 80 degrees F there was a large decline in births eight to ten months later.

Though the researchers found that the drop off was mitigated slightly by couples making up for lost time – as shown by a subsequent rise in the birth rate – this increase still wasn’t quite enough to make up for all the babies who would have been bred if the hot weather hadn’t happened.

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