Alex ‘Butcher’ Salmond Has Destroyed Scotland

Today is the Scottish National Party conference in Perth. At some stage, SNP leader Alex Salmond will no doubt be crowing, as he is wont to do, about his success in transforming Scotland into the “Saudi Arabia of renewables”. This is inaccurate. What he has actually done is transform Scotland into the Saudi Arabia of tourism, which is to say he has turned a once-beautiful country into a vast, inhospitable desert which no one in their right mind would want to visit.

Scotland’s landscape was, until recently, one of the great glories of our national heritage. What made it so special was its vastness, its remoteness, its stark, unspoilt magnificence. Though, of course, man has played his part in shaping it – the stone walls and bothies built by crofters, the patchwork colours on the hillside caused by burning sections of heather on the moor in order to provide new shoots for the grouse – but till now his presence has been discreet and has enhanced the country’s beauty rather than detracting from it. No more, however. Wind farms have ruined everything.

This must-read article about the devastation wrought on just one part of Scotland – remote and rugged Caithness – says it all. It was written by a man who genuinely loves and appreciates nature – as opposed to all those misanthropic environmental zealots who are destroying the planet while pretending to save it with “renewable energy”. Here’s a sample:

While it was still unspoilt I recently had a gentle walk from the top of the road, over the wet moor and down to the Berriedale water where it flows through the gorge under a shaky suspension footbridge.

The red deer rut had begun and stags roared to each other from skyline locations across the valley. The wind was cold, the sky bright, the heather already dying, real autumn though only mid-September.

Those who want wind farms see only the pound signs and have no understanding of the value of a wild Highland landscape like this one or how 20 or 30 giant turbines will turn it into yet another industrial site.

Places in this world which have not visibly been trampled and subdued by man are increasingly rare. Already, up on the Scaraben ridge, the Sudoku grid of the Boulfruich intrudes jarringly into the eastward view.

Absolutely nowhere in Caithness is safe from the marching white monsters.

LOCH Calder remains unspoilt, fortunately the council had the sense to repeatedly refuse permission for three huge windmills on the hill top to the east. But the forests to the west are for sale… an obvious temptation for yet another site.

And the Broubster wind farm has come back, a proposal for 20 or 30 huge turbines at the top end of Broubster Forest which, with Limekiln and Baillie Farm, would mean the western fringe of the county becomes nothing but a mass of giant whirling concrete blades.

Already Baillie Farm is surprisingly prominent from the loch with only three towers up so far and the blades not even attached.

Yet they still call Caithness the land of big skies. In a few years’ time this will be sheer nostalgia.

I weep for the rural Scots and what has been done to their countryside by the Chavez of the North, Alex Salmond. He has devalued their properties, blighted their views, stolen their tranquillity and wiped out their tourist income – all so that a few greedy landowners and mostly foreign-owned Big Wind conglomerates can make a fat fortune through the massive subsidies they receive for producing intermittent, overpriced and useless energy.

I’m sorry I’m unable to join today’s protests outside the Perth conference by Scottish anti-wind-farm groups. I share their outrage at Salmond’s ludicrous claim that wind farms do not detract from the Scottish scenery. Here’s what Linda Holt of the protest group Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS) has to say:

Instead of parading around the world as a great green leader, Mr Salmond needs to get out into the Scottish countryside and meet the communities, including tourism stakeholders, whose lives and businesses are being ruined by turbinisation.

No one (apart from politicians) comes to Scotland to see a windfarm. No one wants to live next door to a windfarm. No one climbs a mountain to see a windfarm.

If Mr Salmond’s main experience of windfarms is pretty photos or glimpses from a passing car, he might just be able to fantasize that they are not giant, noise and flicker emitting structures which dominate their surroundings for miles around. In reality, windfarm landscapes are alien, alienating places, hostile to man and beast.

Many people in Scotland will be horrified to hear these remarks from the First Minister, including the poor beleaguered officers in planning departments across the country and in Scottish Natural Heritage, the agency charged by the government to protect the Scottish landscape. Government is about more than enticing industrial wind developers to your country at any cost.”

Donald Trump, fighting a massive offshore development opposite his golf course, puts it even more bluntly. Of Salmond, he says,

“He will go down, far and away, as the dumbest and most destructive leader in the history of Scotland.

Trump is right. No man in history – not Edward “Hammer of the Scots” Longshanks, not even the “Butcher” Cumberland – has ever wrought such havoc on the fair land of Scotland as Alex “Butcher” Salmond. His name will live in infamy.

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Australia’s green orchidectomy* | James Delingpole

April 25, 2012

The Krait Crew: How Aussies looked before the eco loons took over

A week into my Australian tour and I already I love the country and its people so much I could happily stay here forever. (Articles like this and this and this may partly explain why.) There’s just one small problem – well, one bloody big problem actually: the rampaging political correctness. How, in God’s name, did the robust, no-nonsense pioneer spirit of the original settlers who carved an earthly paradise out of burning hell allow itself to be watered down, warped and wimpified by a minority of tofu-knitting greens and tight-sphinctered lefties?

Let me give you one example. (Plenty more will follow, let me assure you, for Oz is the land of Political Correctness and Eco Fascism gone mad. Traditional Owners, anyone???) I’ve just returned from the remote Western Australian fishing port of Exmouth, point of embarkation for one of the most daring missions of the Second World War: Operation Jaywick.

A mixed British and Australian team of Z Special Unit commandos (their skin dyed the kind of Asiatic yellowy-brown which would probably have had the operation cancelled before the start, nowadays, because of its evidently racist undertones) set out in a small, captured Japanese fishing boat – named MV Krait – for what should have been a suicide mission to attack the Japanese in Singapore harbour. They anchored the boat off shore, paddled the last 31 mile leg in kayaks, and used limpet mines to destroy 39,000 tonnes of shipping. The Japanese were so completely unprepared that they didn’t know what had hit them. Amazingly the commandos all made it back safely. (Only to perish on a subsequent mission). (H/T Barry Corke)

And what has become of Exmouth nearly 70 years on? It’s a remote and exotic tourist destination well worth a visit as possibly the best place anywhere in the world to go snorkelling with whale sharks, magnificent leviathans up to 60 feet long. That’s the good news. The bad is that the whole region is in thrall to the agents of DEC (Western Australia’s Department of Environment and Conservation) which enforces environmental correctness throughout the state with a zeal which would not have disgraced Imperial Japan’s secret police the Kempitai.

A few years ago, the fishermen who ran the whale spotting trips for tourists made the mistake of asking the Western Australian government for help regulating the business. (They feared competition). The state government was more than happy to oblige by issuing them with permits, withdrawable at a moment’s notice, and subject to any number of draconian restrictions. One operator nearly lost his licence for failing to display the correct flag signifying “my boat is next to a bloody great whale shark”; another – incredible but true – was given a severe warning for stopping on the way back to let its tourists view a school of whales. His crime? Though he had a whale-shark snorkelling licence he didn’t have a whale-spotting licence and was therefore in breach of regulation.

For anyone in Western Australia trying to make a living outside the cities be it mining, tourism, the wine trade, fishing or farming, DEC is more vexatious a pestilence than a swarm of sand flies. What’s more, local taxpayers must stump up an annual A$ 300,000 for the privilege of having their economy spavined, their businesses hamstrung and their liberties shackled by DEC’s army of sanctimonious brown shirts.

And while I’ve seen and heard for myself how bad Western Australia is, I gather that the further east you go the worse it gets. No wonder the Queenslanders couldn’t wait to get shot of the Greenies terrorising their beautiful state. Let’s hope for Australia’s sake the electoral carnage continues into 2013 when the Aussies have the chance to tell Julia Gillard exactly where she can stick her Carbon Tax.

What I realise, though, now that I’m here is that the Carbon Tax is just a fraction of the problem. There is, for example, the equally stupid Mining Tax which is punishing one of the most productive sectors of the Australian economy, killing jobs and driving business abroad. And then there all the Eco Fascists in local government poisoning the wells with their sustainability programmes and their pursuit of the UN’s sinister Agenda 21.

Today I bid a very fond farewell to Perth. Tomorrow I’ll be in Adelaide, at a lunchtime event hosted by the IPA and launched by my old mate – and one of Australia’s soundest politicians – Cory Bernardi. My book – did I mention this? – is called Killing The Earth To Save It: How Environmentalists are ruining the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your jobs.

Every copy you buy grants you the power to inflict on Christine Milne the nightmare of your choice:

a) baby polar bears tumbling off melting ice floes and drowning

b) happy Australians with real jobs earning a living

c) a dozen new mines opening in the Pilbara

d) every wind farm in Tasmania being taken down and replaced by a solitary nuclear power station

e) slow motion replay of the Queensland election result, with Greg Withers – head of the state’s Office of Climate Change – being told by incoming premier Campbell Newman that from henceforward his job is to undo all the state’s insane environmental legislation.

f) a chorus including Ian Plimer, Bob Carter, David Archibald, Joanne Nova, Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair, Bill Kininmonth and James Delingpole singing “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”

So remember Aussies,  buy early, buy often: the future of your great nation depends on it!

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