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February 4, 2010

I thought the last straw was when the Conservatives decided at the weekend to kiss goodbye to fiscal responsibility. But no. Their determination to scrap every last vestige of Tory ideology really does know no bounds: (hat tip: the Unbrainwashed)

LONDON -(Dow Jones)- The U.K. opposition Conservative party will set out plans Tuesday to consolidate the government’s various plans to support climate- friendly technologies into a single Green Investment Bank if they emerge victorious in an election due by June 3.

In a speech to be delivered Tuesday morning, the Conservative’s treasury chief, George Osborne, is set to announce a working group to draw up plans for a Green Investment Bank, with Nicholas Stern–a top climate change adviser to the current Labour government in recent years–taking on a role as adviser to the group, according to Osborne’s office. Bob Wigley, chairman of international telephone directories company Yell Group PLC, will be among those serving on the working group.

The aim is for the Green Investment Bank to provide a mix of government and private-sector cash to invest in promising new technologies, Osborne will say.

My colleague Douglas Murray has done a splendid number on the Blairesque vacuousness of Osborne’s speech. I’d like to concentrate on its economic illiteracy.

Is David Cameron’s inner circle really so out of touch that not one of them is aware how quickly the AGW scam is unravelling – with even the Guardian and Geoffrey Lean nuancing their ideological positions?

When Osborne talks about the “green jobs” his brave new economic model is going to generate, is he really not aware of the pitiful example of Spain where for every “green job” created through government spending 2.2 jobs have been LOST in the real economy?

And before approaching Lord Stern to head this new economic suicide unit (he has since turned them down, apparently) could they really not have first tried someone with a bit more commonsense, bottom and scientific credibility? Ronald McDonald, maybe? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? John Terry?

Well Dave Cameron, George Osborne and their claque of liberal-left eco-loons might not be able to see it. But it seems that pretty much everyone else can.

Here’s Richard North:

“absolutely unbelievable … just as the whole global warming scam is falling apart, the Tories re-affirm their commitment to it. You could not have better evidence that the hierarchy is completely out of touch with events.”

Here’s Andrew Stuttaford at NRO’s The Corner:

Way to lose, Mr Cameron.

Here are some of the reader comments on this morning’s Telegraph report.

Please tell me this is a JOKE !

The day Cameron finally lost the election.

God how I hate these Conservatives.

I have been thinking to vote UKIP. Now I’m thinking to vote for Labour directly. Better that atrocities like this are committed in their name.

Perhaps some of you might care to add some thoughts of your own?

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