RIP John Coleman – Weather Channel Founder Who Called Climate Change ‘Baloney’

John Coleman

John Coleman, the cheerful, politically incorrect and fearless co-founder of the Weather Channel, has died at 83, surrounded by family at his Las Vegas home.

The bad news is that he lived long enough to see his creation turn into yet another propaganda arm of the Climate Industrial Complex churning out #fakenews stories like this one.

The good news is that he just didn’t give a damn.

Here, as Watts Up With That? reports, is what he had to say last year when the Guardian ran a piece blaming climate change on ‘elderly white male climate deniers’.

I am old
I am white
I am a denier

Guess they are correct. I will die. So will the others. Then things will be settled.

Got it.

Coleman had a career of two distinguished halves.

In this July 30, 1981 photo, John Coleman, weather channel founder, right, and Frank Batten, publisher of the Norfolk, Va., Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star, and chairman and chief executive of Landmark Communications, Inc., are seen during a news conference in New York. (AP/Marty Lederhandler)

The first was as one of the U.S.’s greatest TV meteorologists:

He made gigantic contributions to television, to weather forecasting, and even to the National Weather Service who changed and upgraded many of their methods to accommodate the visionary ideas he had in founding the Weather Channel.

In 1983, Coleman won the American Meteorological Society award for Outstanding Service by a Broadcast Meteorologist. The organization credited Coleman for “his pioneering efforts in establishing a national cable weather channel,” according to the AMS website.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

Andrew Breitbart: RIP | James Delingpole

March 2, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, who has died aged 43 (Photo: AFP/Getty)

I keep going back to @andrewbreitbart‘s Twitter feed, still unable to believe that one of my conservative heroes has dropped down dead at the age of just 43. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised: Breitbart did enjoy a voraciously Type A lifestyle – smoking, drinking and burger-scoffing like there was no tomorrow. Which, sadly, for this big-hearted, generous, witty, rumbustious, intelligent, fearless father-of-four there now isn’t.

Like PJ O’Rourke, Breitbart was one of those rare types who manages to make conservatism look both fun and cool. A journalist, blogger, polemicist and founder of the Big Hollywood/Big Journalism/Big Government right-wing US blog stable (under the umbrella, Breitbart’s greatest speciality was lefty-baiting. One of his favourite techniques was simply to turn up at lefty rallies with a camera crew, film all the snarling abuse he got and then put it up on his website by way of demonstration of just how snarlingly vile, sanctimonious and devoid of intelligent argument the liberal-left tends to be most of the time.

He also knew how to use Twitter as a devastating weapon against the enemy. It’s a simple technique which I’ve since copied.

Breitbart, you were the Achilles of the Right. (And boy did you know how to find the Left’s Achilles’ heel.) We shall miss you greatly!


I’d just like add how delighted Breitbart would have been if only could have seen the despicably vile examples of trolling insensitivity and crude ranting a celebratory blog written just hours after his death has managed to attract. It would have confirmed everything he always said about the sick psychopathology of the liberal-left. Thanks trolls! Breitbart is laughing at you from heaven.

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