Climategate: Science Museum’s Green Propaganda Backfires

London’s  Science Museum has been holding a special exhibition on ‘global warming’. Have a guess what this gag-inducingly PC institution’s considered position is. Yes, that’s right:

The Science Museum has examined the evidence. We’re convinced climate change is caused by humans and requires urgent action.

To help visitors to its website reach the correct view on all this, it makes a series of bold but largely unsubstantiated assertions:

The climate change we are experiencing cannot be explained by natural causes. It is only when we allow for increases in temperature caused by human greenhouse gas emissions that the current warming can be explained.

If we don’t reduce global emissions, the world is likely to warm by 2–5 oC by 2100 compared with the end of last century. The temperature difference between today and the last ice age is only about 3–4 oC.

Sea level will rise as the oceans warm up and expand, putting low-lying areas at risk of flooding and coastal erosion. Some small islands are already making plans to evacuate their populations. Many major cities, including London, are under threat.

and, in its section on economics, it offers this bravura piece of sub-Marxist, ultra-Green theorising:

Conventional economics assumes that our prosperity depends upon economic growth. Recently, some experts have begun to question this. They argue growth, which relies on a society producing and buying ever more stuff, cannot be sustained forever. Crucial resources such as fossil fuels and metals will eventually run out.

Instead, these experts propose a sustainable economy which doesn’t measure success by growth. Although people would consume less, they could still flourish. Wealth could be more fairly shared between people. And importantly, our prosperity would not come at the expense of the environment.

You paid for all this, by the way, through your taxes.

But there is some good news. At the end of all this propagandising, the Science Museum asks you to vote for what it clearly believes is the only sensible solution:

PROVE IT! gives you the evidence to decide where you stand…

“I’ve seen the evidence. And I want the government to prove they’re serious about climate change by negotiating a strong, effective, fair deal at Copenhagen.”

Despite having “seen the evidence” however it seems that the majority of contributors to the survey are still not convinced. When I checked just now the number of people voting “Count Me In” was 6396; but the number voting Count Me Out was 8551.

Expect to see a great deal more public disgust at this kind of officially-sanctioned eco-bullying over the next few weeks. Climategate was a game changer. We’ve had enough.

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