Britain’s Remoaner Elite Has a Cunning Plan to Sabotage Brexit


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Britain’s Civil Service has been “war-gaming” a second EU referendum.

According to The Times:

Civil servants have started secret contingency planning for a second referendum, it can be revealed.

Within the past fortnight they have responded to fears that Theresa May will struggle to get a Brexit deal through parliament and have been “war-gaming” a new vote.

Whitehall’s official excuse is that it is simply doing its due diligence:

“Civil servants have to prepare for every eventuality and with the prime minister’s ability to command the support of parliament looking shakier by the day, it is their job to make contingency plans for every possibility, however remote, including a second referendum,” a source said.

Yeah, right. If Whitehall were as thorough as that “source” claims, it would have been a lot more prepared, a lot earlier, for the much more likely outcome of a “no deal” Brexit.

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