Boris Johnson Is Now Brexit’s Great White Hope

Dan Kitwood/Getty

Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson just gave the best and most important speech of his life: the one that might, with luck, save Brexit.

It definitely wasn’t his funniest speech or the most fluent. Boris actually referred to notes which, as an experienced debater and master of the off-the-cuff quip, he almost never does. But then he has never made a speech quite like this important before. At stake, as he addressed the Commons, were not just a lifetime’s personal ambitions but also the future of Britain and the credibility of democracy itself.

Just to recap, in June 2016, the people of Britain were offered a choice: whether to Remain in the European Union or whether to Leave.

By a significant majority, they voted Leave.

But now — despite official assurances given beforehand that the referendum vote would be honoured — the political class and its fellow travellers in big business, in the City, in the law firms, in academe, in the media and, of course, in the rampantly pro-Remain civil service have conspired to frustrate that expression of the democratic will.

So this was the purpose of Boris’s speech: to try to hold Prime Minister Theresa May true to the promise she made to the British people that “Brexit means Brexit”.

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