Teen Vogue Bigs up Communism, Anal Sex…


Communism is great – like, the coolest thing ever!

I learn this from the latest issue of Teen Vogue, which has run a flattering, uncritical, celebratory interview with Ash Sarkar (pictured), a noisy young lefty blogger who has become briefly famous for saying on UK breakfast television “I’m a communist, you idiot”.

To be fair, the person she called an idiot was Piers Morgan.

But I really don’t think that excuses Teen Vogue’s decision to give this gobby child of privilege and her spray-on Marxist views such fawning coverage.

Here’s a sample of the kind of tough interrogation Teen Vogue gave Sarkar:

TV: Is that the biggest barrier to advancing leftist and communist policy positions? Is it a question of hearts and minds?

That was as tricky as it ever got. Really.

Nothing about the two or three million Cambodians starved to death or shot under Pol Pot; nothing about the 50 million or so Chinese killed in Mao’s famine or in his various purges of the intellectual class; nothing about the tens of millions murdered during Lenin’s destruction of the Kulaks or Stalin’s Great Terror; nothing about the immiseration of those who spent decades behind the Iron Curtain, deprived of freedom of speech, perpetually spied upon, doomed to enjoy a significantly less prosperous life than those in the West; nothing about the shortages, the brutality, the hyperinflation, the starvation, the torture and imprisonment and death being experienced in Venezuela right now as a direct result of communist policies…

Read the rest at Breitbart.