Another Kamikaze Plot by MPs to Destroy Brexit with ‘Trump-Style’ Shutdown


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‘An all-party group of senior MPs’ are plotting to sabotage Brexit by ‘starving the [British] government of cash and creating a Donald Trump-style shutdown’.

Do any of these gimps appreciate what a terrible look this is for representative democracy?

According to the Sunday Times, this group includes “former Labour cabinet minister Yvette Cooper”, along with former Tory ministers Nicky Morgan, Oliver Wetwin and Nick Boles. The idea is to vote on “two amendments to the Finance Bill that would lead to a gridlock in Whitehall unless Theresa May wins approval from parliament for a deal with Brussels.”

No, I have no idea either whether this plan is likely to succeed. It could be just another of those “sounds big, means zilch” scoops that political editors come up with on a Sunday when there’s not much real news out there. Or, for all I know, it could be the beginning of end of Brexit.

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Et Tu, Rod Liddle? Another Staunch Brexiteer Caves…

Brexit Whitehall
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“No Deal” Brexit is the only Brexit worth having – because it’s the only Brexit for which people actually voted.

How stupid do you have to be not to realise this?

Sure, for months and months we’ve been deluged with Remainer propaganda in the largely pro-Remain media claiming there’ll be chaos and economic disaster if Britain “crashes out” of the European Union on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

But most of us know that this is just Project Fear 2.0 spin designed to obscure the fact the most of the world trades with the EU on WTO terms. Do Israel, Singapore, India, Hong Kong and the U.S. really look like they are suffering as a result?

So what on earth provoked one of the UK media’s staunchest Brexiteers Rod Liddle to write this abject surrender monkey drivel in today’s Sun?

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Corbyn Is Right – May IS a ‘Stupid Woman’

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Britain’s Conservative government has devised a brilliant new strategy to distract from its disastrous handling of Brexit: faux outrage that Jeremy Corbyn has been caught by the cameras in Parliament muttering that Theresa May is a “stupid woman”.

This strategy isn’t going to work for a number of reasons.

Theresa May really is a stupid woman, so Corbyn doesn’t look like a bad man here but an honest speaker of home truths.

  1. May’s inner circle — of which Brandon Lewis, as Party Chairman, is one — are so widely discredited, despised and distrusted that to be criticised by them is a backhanded compliment.
  2. It’s not really a new strategy. In fact, you could argue that the entire basis of the Conservative Party’s policy in the last few years has been: “Yes. OK. We know we’re really shit, without a Conservative principle in our spineless body. But you’ve got to keep voting for us because the alternative is Jeremy Corbyn.”

Personally I’m beginning to wonder whether Jeremy Corbyn would be worse. It seems to me that so long as the Conservative Party remains in thrall to a claque which believes in bigger government, higher taxes and political correctness — a claque which, furthermore, clearly has no interest in pursuing a regulation-lite, free market future outside the European Union — then we are doomed to be trapped in limbo for all eternity.

Maybe a bracing taste of hell-fire under Jeremy Corbyn would do us all good. It would certainly concentrate the minds of the Conservatives. If Labour does get into power it will be largely the fault of the Conservatives’ parliamentary party: through complacency and arrogance, it has become so far removed from the grassroots members that they really have little reason to keep them in power. Far better to let the party destroy itself and then hope that a phoenix rises from the ashes.

Being an optimist, I’m still hoping that something will turn up and we’ll still get the No Deal Brexit — which is by far the best deal we can hope for at this stage. The problem is — and this goes back to the David Cameron era — the parliamentary party has largely been purged of Thatcherite types and replaced by Blairite Europhiles.

Here — to give you a brief moment of cheer — is one of those Blairite Europhiles being put back in his box by Douglas Carswell, the former Conservative MP who defected to UKIP and who fought — and won — a by-election.

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Ding Dong the Witch Isn’t Dead. May Lives to Ruin Brexit


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Ding Dong, the Witch Isn’t Dead.

Against all reason, Theresa May – the worst Prime Minister in British history – has yet again survived an attempt to boot her out of office.

This has nothing to do with her merits: she has none.

It is entirely due to the short-termism, cowardice and depressing lack of soundness among all those Conservative MPs who voted to keep her in office – despite being perfectly aware (as who can not be?) that she is a lame duck Prime Minister causing little but harm and embarrassment to her party, her electorate and her country.

All day in the run up to the vote, May’s MPs have been dressing up their pusillanimity and self-serving weaselry as a mix of pragmatism, patriotism and high principle.

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Boris Is Right – May’s ‘S & M Brexit’ Will Sting

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 11: British Prime Minister Theresa May attends a roundtable meeting with business leaders, whose companies are inaugural signatories of the Race at Work Charter at Southbank Centre on October 11, 2018 in London, England. The PM reportedly later today will have a special meeting of cabinet …
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The Brexit deal being pushed by Theresa May is an “S & M approach to Government” — one of those mystifying perversions like wanting to be “locked up in chains.”
So says Boris Johnson in a trenchant interview with Conservative HomeAll right, so it’s just what you’d expect him to say, but I’m glad at least one of our Brexiteer politicians is out there making this important point.

Truly and honestly, the people in Theresa May’s Conservatives still sticking up for her suicidal plan — Hamsterface Barwell, Jellyspine Gove, Coffinlid Hammond, Greg ‘Boring’ Clark, and so on — are a bunch of autoflagellators quite beyond redemption. Sure it may be their personal, passionate belief that we’d all be better locked up forever in a basement with a hoist and sundry whips and a range of chains and manacles and hoods and gimp suits — but with no safe word ever to put an end to our suffering. But that’s certainly no reason for the rest of us to go along with their weird urges.Where, though, should we go instead?

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Theresa May’s Useless Conservatives Are Screwing up Brexit


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The Conservatives are completely ****ing up Brexit.

They may not mean to, but they are. Here is a perfect example of the kind of stupidity, incompetence, pusillanimity, virtue-signalling cant, dishonesty, complacency, and arrogance which make Britain’s useless government so inadequate to the task of fulfilling the mandate given to them by 17.4 million people in June 2016.

It’s a tweet from a Conservative MP called Nick Boles:

Boles has a great grasp of what “normal” people think, doesn’t he?

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The Phoney War Is over; the Real Battle for Brexit Has Begun


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There’s nothing a star columnist hates to tell his readers more than “I told you so.”

But I’m afraid, through gritted teeth I’m going to be forced to say it. I was right, wasn’t I? I was bloody well right!

I told you to keep your nerve and that a No Deal Brexit was where we were headed. But many of you didn’t believe me because you were too busy running round like headless chickens and throwing your toys out of your prams and yelling at me for being taken in by the beguiling words of Tory toffs.

Well here’s my answer to the last accusation:

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Calm Down, Everyone – Brexit’s Going to Be OK!

Theresa MayHenry Nicholls/Pool via AP

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Many of the 17.4 million who voted Brexit — and many of the millions more who’ve since realised that the EU is a towering inferno we need to escape before it comes crashing down on us — are getting very upset about Theresa May’s “worst deal in history.”

But they shouldn’t be, for a number of reasons.

The first and most obvious one is: “What on earth were you expecting?”

It has been clear for months, years probably, that whatever deal Remainer Theresa May cobbled together with her Remainer Cabinet henchmen and her Remainer Civil Servants was going to be a massive betrayal of the Brexit vote.

Chequers was a turd.

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Exposed — The Deep State Machiavels Who Run Theresa May

British Prime Minister Theresa May arrives for the second day of a European Union leaders summit at the European Council in Brussels on October 18, 2018. - European Union leaders meet for a summit focused on migration and internal security, after reviewing the state of the Brexit negotiations with Britain. …
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If you’ve ever wondered why British politics is in such a mess look no further than a leaked report into Civil Service skullduggery during the Windrush scandal.

It shows how early in 2018 former Home Secretary Amber Rudd was made inadvertently to lie about Britain’s immigration policy because her scheming civil servants had withheld the truth from her.

This was in a period of shocking news stories about mostly elderly West-Indian-born immigrants who’d been living legally and contentedly in Britain for decades – only to find themselves threatened with deportation (or in some cases, actually deported) by an increasingly draconian Home Office.

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Britain’s Remoaner Elite Has a Cunning Plan to Sabotage Brexit


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Britain’s Civil Service has been “war-gaming” a second EU referendum.

According to The Times:

Civil servants have started secret contingency planning for a second referendum, it can be revealed.

Within the past fortnight they have responded to fears that Theresa May will struggle to get a Brexit deal through parliament and have been “war-gaming” a new vote.

Whitehall’s official excuse is that it is simply doing its due diligence:

“Civil servants have to prepare for every eventuality and with the prime minister’s ability to command the support of parliament looking shakier by the day, it is their job to make contingency plans for every possibility, however remote, including a second referendum,” a source said.

Yeah, right. If Whitehall were as thorough as that “source” claims, it would have been a lot more prepared, a lot earlier, for the much more likely outcome of a “no deal” Brexit.

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