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March 1, 2013

Masterpiece by Fenbeagle

Blimey, I’m up for a prize – my first ever Bloggie award nomination. I’d be so pleased if I won because, unlike most journalistic awards, the Bloggies aren’t decided by a cabal of pinkos and unimaginative, career-safe lametards from the decaying, dead-tree establishment but by the only people who really matter – you the readers.

See that subtle, sucking-up thing I did there? But I also happen to mean it. Without your vote I don’t win a prize. Without your readership and support I’d just be another of those desperate saddoes like the trolls who haunt this blog in order to try to leech off some traffic for their own pitifully dull, billy-no-mates online musings.

So that’s something else to consider: when you vote for me, you’re not merely voting for the cause of all that is righteous and true – but you’re also doing the equivalent of taking away a troll’s online donkey porn account: and you know how miserable and bereft that would make them feel, right?

The only sad aspect of this is that I’m up against my good friends at the Global Warming Policy Foundation, whose superb reports and daily bulletins are the source of half my best material. We serve very different functions, I think, in the great climate wars: they are mature, solid, measured, weighty, authoritative. And I’m, well….. Anyway, it’s a great honour to be in the same category as them and I wish them the best of luck.

Whatever happens, though, we’re all winners in a way because, as Anthony Watts notes at Watts Up With That?, there has never been a year in which quite so many climate sceptical blogs have been in the running. Watts Up With That? is up for Best Science or Technology Blog (in a first class line up with Climate Audit, JoNova, Tallbloke’s Talkshop and Skeptical Science) and for Weblog of the Year (Go, Anthony!); Australian Climate Madness is in the running for Best Australian or New Zealand Blog; Small Dead Animals is in the running for Best Canadian Blog;  then you’ve got me and the GWPF in the running for the Best Blog About Politics (in a strong field which includes the superb, incisive American Thinker; the on-the-money Politico; and, er, Occupy).

May the best man win, so long as it’s me!

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