My New SS Panzer Toothbrush Thrill

Can I tell you how excited I am by the latest toothbrush heads my wife has got for our electric toothbrush? Well, tough, I’m going to anyway. Rarely has my life been improved so greatly for such a tiny increase in financial outlay. In fact, possibly never: I really am THAT excited. I feel rather as an Allied tanker might have done if in December 1944 he’d gone to look for where his Sherman was parked and found a brand spanking new Tiger there instead.
“So THAT’S what a proper tank looks like,” he’d have gone. “One that doesn’t have armour thinner than a Kit Kat wrapper and has a proper gun and looks really big and scary. And has cool black crosses on the side too!”

Yes, that’s pretty much how I feel about these new toothbrush heads. They’re called the Oral B Pro White and they polish your teeth and grind through your gummy crevices with the precision, vigour and raw mighty power of Kampfgruppe Peiper

thrusting through the Ardennes. “Why did I not have this killer-weapon-in-the-war on plaque at my disposal before?” I wondered. And the answer is that, up till very recently, my wife had been buying the Oral B toothbrush heads for sensitive teeth. They were crap. The worst thing of all was, the brushy bits were  not broadly spaced enough to let the tiny food bits escape which meant that all too quickly they started to smell rotten.

Now readers: over to you. Can you name other examples of things which you can buy which aren’t very expensive but which, in your experience, have improved your life immeasurably?

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