Welcome to Obamaland

I’ve seen your future and it doesn’t work (Regnery) 2009

A strong contender for the best book I’ve written: funny, passionate, free-wheelingly anecdotal, charmingly conversational, witty, wise and oh so very true. Ostensibly it’s about the worrying similarities between snake-oil-salesman Tony Blair and his Mk II version in the US presidency Barack Hussein Obama. Really though, it’s about much more than that: this may well be the most brilliant apologia for conservatism since P. J. O’Rourke’s Republican Party Reptile.

Yeah, I know: immodest but I just can’t help it. Seriously, when I read Obamaland I feel it’s just too good for me to have written it. It flows so well. (I wrote it very fast, so maybe that helped).

Chapters include: “Barbecue the Polar Bears”, “Never Trust a Hippie,” “Destructive Diversity,” “The Great White Liberal Death Wish.”

It warns of the perils of free universal healthcare; the bunny-huggers who seek to stop us enjoying our inalienable rights to go hunting (either on horseback or with guns); the stupidity of left-liberals (whose frontal lobes have not properly formed); the ruination of our culture through relativism and progressive education; the deceit, lies–-and lunatic expense to the taxpayer-–of the Anthropogenic Global Warming industry.

You will like it if: you are a true Conservative; you are intelligent; you have a sense of humour.

You will hate it if: you are a left-liberal; you are stupid; you have no sense of humour

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